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Our Company – Intro

With a single site dedicated to the amazing city of New York, we started in the early 2000s to offer activities, tours and sightseeing ideas for travelers visiting the Big Apple. From the beginning, we believed the internet would have contributed tremendously to the travel industry and we wanted to create a website offering travel-related information easily accessible to people surfing the web from all around the globe. From that original brick-and-mortar site, the company expanded in 2009 with the USA-Welcome Group, and in the past 6 years, we have grown to include more destinations, developing more than 12 dedicated websites to major cities in the US; and finally, in early 2015, we launched this new global portal: USA-Welcome.NET. On our new website, you can now search, select and book hundreds of activities throughout the United States, all in one place. But the growth of USA-Welcome won’t stop here; in the next months we will add even more destinations, and activities, to our site expanding our inventory to include National Parks, Alaska, and Hawaii. By Summer of 2015, it’s planned the launch of our 2nd Global Site dedicated to the old-world, with Italy-Welcome clients from around the world will have the chance to book activities and sightseeing in the “Bel Paese”.

About US


Why booking with USA-Welcome ?

Book with us: It’s Fast, Easy & Secure! Browse our wide selection of activities available throughout the US; it’s extremely easy to book your favorite tours, just like 1-2-3… done! And rest assured all your data is protected with the most updated security system.

Great selection of Tours: We only offer Hand-picked Activities! We carefully select the local tour operators and activity providers we feature in our site. We only include activities that have been verified and positively reviewed.

Read reviews: From real Travelers! We encourage all our customers to write honest reviews. Reviews help us keeping our inventory updated so we can keep providing the best available services in each destination.

Lowest Price: No hidden Fees! We never charge extra fees; all the prices you find on our site are the official retail prices dictated by local activity providers; and since we do not believe in “bad surprises” you can rest assured we will never add extra costs & hidden fees to your bookings!

Live Support: Attentive Customer Care! You can easily get in contact with us before, during, and after booking your activity. Our Customer Service will be glad to help you out and address any question you have. It’s easy to get in contact with us: by email, by phone, by chat, by Skype, by WhatsApp, by Facebook, by twitter….. Just don’t try smoke signal 😉

Our Idea – Our Motto

Our Motto is “We Exist To Create Authentic Fun When You Are Traveling”…. Every Trip, no matter how big or small, should make you dream!
We want to make travel easy, affordable, magical and open to everybody; no matter your previous experiences, your budgets, your preferences, you can still find something just for you. There are many great ways to “travel” and “visit” new places; you might be a savvy traveler, an independent traveler, an all-inclusive traveler, an off-the-beaten-path traveler, a luxury traveler, a novice traveler and so on.. Rest assured no matter the kind of traveler you are, you will be able to find & book activities with USA-Welcome to create even more great dreams & memories. Our experienced and courteous staff will be glad to help you out selecting the best activities based on your preferences; give us a call or write us an email, and we’ll help you out.


We carefully select local suppliers throughout the United States; we only include suppliers that have been verified and positively reviewed by real customers. We strive to keep our selection of tours updated and we appreciate every single honest review from our clients, so we can keep offering only the best. Every day we look for new suppliers and local operators to add to our site and expand our inventory with interesting and fun activities. If you are a local operator located in the United States and would like to offer your products, please contact us at info@usawelcome.net


If you need help getting in contact with us, please visit our Customer-Care Page to find all the methods available to reach us.